Second visit is on!

We got another call today! These calls are so hard to wait for, they deliver much needed information and usually you can  even get a few of the many questions you have. Then they are over and you find your self waiting for the next call. It is a strange place to exist in. But I can deal with it because at some point between calls there are the visits with Rough Nut and Tough Nut. 



Ikea rocks!


We know there is a huge possibility that there will be a baby in our home soon. We’ll call him Hiccup.
Our old crib was disposed of this week, it couldn’t be put back together an it had the old drop sides anyway.
Ikea Store has this economical crib that we saw this summer when we visited the store. It is very well made, simple, nothing fancy but exactly what we wanted/needed. Jones ordered it last week when we were told to prepare for a baby. It came Saturday! Thing 1 helped Jones get it out of the box and I put it together, so easy.  I love Ikea!


The first, first visit.

Our first visit was also an over night visit. We are in the process of a transition from a family placement to a foster care placement (that’s us!) We have a unique situation, but who doesn’t. We came about this placement because we actually know the person who has the children now (birth mom’s relative is also my relative through marriage). They have had the children for awhile, at least a year for youngest and possibly four years for the eldest. They love them dearly and have taken very good care of them. The issue is age and what that would mean to the future of these sweet children. I say they because there are other family members who also help, a lot.
I feel like that is enough information for now, at least enough that you can understand the circumstances of our first visit.

The call came Thursday. The visit was set for Friday. I have never felt nesting so strongly in my life and I have carried and delivered three babies. The house was clean. The extra room was set up. That involved me moving the twin bed from upstairs to our downstairs spare room, alone. Nesting turns a normal woman into a super woman. I moved a full size bed also but that one didn’t require stairs being navigated. Matching pjs were hanging in the girls room and in the boys room. Matching water bottles had been purchased and were waiting on the table. We were set and ready.

At 5 o’clock we were just waiting, one hour to go.Thing 1,2,and 3 were standing at the door waiting and watching, so excited. The phone rang and we found out that they were ready and couldn’t wait any longer so they were coming early if it was ok with us! Of course!

Twenty minutes later “Rough Nut” ran to the front door and let himself in! Not shy at all he came right on in and we made sure he knew everyone’s names. Right away he noticed we have a wii. Thing 1 and Rough Nut played wii while I let the rest of the family in. Tough Nut was a little more reserved but it didn’t take her long to warm up.

They are both beautiful children with big personalities. All the kids got along as though they had always known each other. It was beautiful. I was able to connect with both Rough Nut and Tough Nut (these names are just picked from the movie and do not reflect them at all).

All in all the first visit went well. There were a few curve balls but nothing to complex. Of course sleeping in a strange place with extra adults made it a little tricky but it worked out and no one was upset or went without sleep.

The next day the family needed to go run some errands and such but allowed Rough Nut to stay with us at his request! After several more hours of play the family came to pick him up. He didn’t want to leave and cried. It was tough even at this point to let him go knowing he wanted to stay.

We know that the family they are with right now love them dearly and want to keep them. They plan to appeal these decisions. We also know that that has nothing to do with their delight in our willingness to welcome the children into our home. It is a confusing situation but Jones and I feel confident that at the very least we can be a help while they make their appeals and if God intends it to be more than that, it will be in His time and in His ways.



Our first placment

A little more than a week ago we found out we are being matched with two small children who’s family we are connected with. Then we found out our paperwork for our home study had been finalized!

This past Monday, after a rough weekend, I asked J to call the case worker and see if he could tell us anything, we hadn’t heard anything since that first call.

“If we could at least find out what the plan is this week I will be thrilled.”

He found out that we were defiantly going to be having the two children in our home soon. They are going to start transitioning them this week. We also were told to be ready for a new born! Once the baby sibling is born and out of the hospital they plan to place all three in our home.

Wow! That was way more information than I was counting on.

At that point we were told to wait on a call to set up the first visit and over night stay.

“Now if we could get that call before the week is over that would be fantastic!”

Before the thought was out of my mouth the PHONE RANG!!!!

The visit would be the coming weekend and we would get a call later in the week with more specifics.

Turns out the call came Thursday and the visit would be Friday!

Turns out that every once in a while God allows my thoughts and desires to line up with His good plans and that feel like the best gift ever. To be even a tiny bit in sync with His plans feels like the safest, happiest, most enjoyable place to be.

The Jones Crew Growing

This weekend it’s officially official. We are foster parents. We have opened our home and our hearts to be filled.

I wish I had been blogging about this journey since it first began. I know how helpful it has been for me to read about other as they weaved their way to adoption in it’s many forms. It is confusing and complicated no matter which path God leads you through. But I didn’t. Wasn’t meant to be. I may rehash some of that as it seems to come to mind.

So my hope for this blog is to put our story out here for others to glean what they need from it, to keep a few friends and family who are interested in the loop. Mostly, it is a therapy for this mama’s soul because there is so much that I need to talk through and  I don’t want  talk my husband and dearest friends ears off.