Our first placment

A little more than a week ago we found out we are being matched with two small children who’s family we are connected with. Then we found out our paperwork for our home study had been finalized!

This past Monday, after a rough weekend, I asked J to call the case worker and see if he could tell us anything, we hadn’t heard anything since that first call.

“If we could at least find out what the plan is this week I will be thrilled.”

He found out that we were defiantly going to be having the two children in our home soon. They are going to start transitioning them this week. We also were told to be ready for a new born! Once the baby sibling is born and out of the hospital they plan to place all three in our home.

Wow! That was way more information than I was counting on.

At that point we were told to wait on a call to set up the first visit and over night stay.

“Now if we could get that call before the week is over that would be fantastic!”

Before the thought was out of my mouth the PHONE RANG!!!!

The visit would be the coming weekend and we would get a call later in the week with more specifics.

Turns out the call came Thursday and the visit would be Friday!

Turns out that every once in a while God allows my thoughts and desires to line up with His good plans and that feel like the best gift ever. To be even a tiny bit in sync with His plans feels like the safest, happiest, most enjoyable place to be.


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