The ever famous roller coaster.

We got to experience the “roller coaster” of adoption we are always hearing about this week. A mini one for sure but it had the ups and downs and even got my stomach a few times.

We are miles away from adoption, or at least it seems that way to me. We have a situation right now where we get information from the case worker who is preparing us to be placed with Rough Nut, Tough Nut and coming Hiccup (the baby). Then we have the relative who has custody of them at the moment. We keep getting opposing information from the two. That was what our mini roller coaster was about this week. Who do we trust?

Don’t get me wrong. Neither of them are telling untruths but they both have different end goals in mind. We have decided to only get our information from the children’s case worker for now. There are no emotionally charged ambitions behind what the case worker tells us. Seems the height of the drops will be lessened this way.

What do I know though. Well one thing I know is in a few hours my house with be filled with children.


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