Second Visit

This past week end was our second visit with Tough Nut and Rough Nut. They stayed for two nights this time! Their relative came also, this time only one relative came. Our goal was to get the kids sleeping in their own beds so we could be obeying our foster care rules. Last time relatives kept this from happening. We had success though. Rough Nut slept beside our son in his own bed. They laughed and talked and made fake fart noises till they passed out.  It was pure joy listening to them enjoy having each other as a roomie. My girls on the other hand were distressed and disappointed to not be sharing their room with little Tough Nut. She just isn’t ready for that yet. They had a hard time with this change in plans but eventually settled into the idea. The second night was much easier since their daddy was off work and home to help. Little miss Tough Nut slept in our room but in her own toddler bed. She is a very unsettled sleeper but she did sleep through both nights and woke up happy! Yay!

On Saturday we were able to take all five kids and ourselves to the Zoo! We were blessed that sweet relative trusted us to do this without herself there and she was able to go home and get caught up on some chores while we were gone. The day was rainy to begin with but we decided to trust God’s plan and see where it led. I think it was really important to Jones and I to be able to spend some time with them alone, to bond and show them that we love them. We had back up ideas of what to do if it was poring rain or just too cool but non of that was necessary because as soon as we got to the zoo we could see blue skies popping through the clouds.

We had such a good day with all five of our kids! Temporary or not while they are with us they are ours. I hope that isn’t wrong. I pray for God to mold our thought, our hearts, our feelings to be what He wants them to be. The best way I can love the children He puts in our care, under whatever circumstances for whatever length of time, is to love them as my own. I know that could mean heart ache. I feel that already. It is what it is, and I trust there is purpose behind it.

Saying goodbye Sunday morning was smooth for the most part. I was a contradiction in action. I got up early to help get their stuff together, to put the car seat back into relatives car. I put on a perky happy face. I forced myself to wake Little miss Tough Nut even though she was sleeping sound. I helped get their shoes on and offered to help them out the door. All the while I was screaming “I HATE THIS!! DON”T GO!” on the inside.  Rough Nut cried again as he left. When the car was gone I turned around and found my way straight to my room and I cried too.


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