Waiting is hard

We have nine days till court. We are four days past the due day with no word. Waiting is not easy. I told Jones yesterday that I feel like a pregnant woman trying to ignore my massive over due belly, it isn’t really possible yet it feels like the best way to protect my heart and my family. We are so excited to help, so eager to love these children. But there is a fog all around us right now and we can’t see what’s on the other side. In a matter of days we could have a new born in our house and in about the same time table we could also have two more. I total of 6 children. How is it possible to stop myself from preparing for this?! But I know the likely hood that we will have neither children nor baby I can hardly do my regular daily routine. I am praying for happy distractions while we wait. I am begging for any distraction if we end up with less that a car full.


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