Calm in the house

There is a calm in the house today. There is still a few things to do but my son has finished his school work and is counting the days since Halloween so he can see how long he has had his candy. The girls are taking a bath and have finished their school work too. I have cleaned the down stairs and Jones has left for work. The house is quiet & calm like the calm that comes before a storm.

We found out Tuesday that baby was born. No complications and no withdrawal symptoms! Also baby was thought to be a boy but no she is a girl. We have been told to expect her Thursday night when she is released from the hospital.

I have had a fun couple of days getting everything ready. Buying a few pink things and telling a few close friends. A couple of them are washing all their baby hand me downs and sending them my way. Another close friend stopped by this morning with a bag full of wipes and diaper cream and a big box of diaper!

Meanwhile we have heard the court date for Rough Nut and Tough Nut is today and there is court tomorrow morning concerning the baby. So this calm in the house is not going to last long. I have a feeling tomorrow will bring a storm of change.


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