Third Transition Visit

Thanksgiving has come and gone. We enjoyed visits with all our family. Hiccup has met almost everyone. That’s what happens when a baby comes home the week before a holiday.

Things are going smoothly around here. Having a newborn has been a transition for all of us but it was an easy one.

As far as decisions being made, non have been. We will continue to have weekend transition visits until February of next year. Hiccup will stay with us until tummy mommy get her act together.

We are in the midst of our third weekend with Rough Nut and Tough Nut. Our first weekend with only the children and no relative. It has gone really well! Bedtime is the trickiest part and that went down with no trouble at all. This visit is also the first with Hiccup and the first time they have met their new sister! It has been full of precious moments that should have been shared only with a mom and dad. I hope they realize what they are missing and that it will help them get their lives straightened out. There have been several awkward questions because of this odd situation. “When do we get to take her home?” And ” she probably thinks your her mommy” “how long have you had her?” I haven’t felt prepared to answer all of these questions with well thought out answers. It is strange/sensitive territory. I will be praying that God will give me the words as these questions I am sure will continue to pop up.

We feel so blessed. I cannot not be in awe when I think about the fact that we had a newborn delivered to our front door! God has been preparing me for this since I was a preteen!


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