It was a good weekend but a rough ending. The last night RoughNut called out for me and said he missed his mommy. 😦 I gave him a hug and told him I was sorry. Then asked if he wanted me to stay beside him till he fell asleep. He said yes! Made me feel special, so I rubbed his back till he was settled. All the while little Hiccup was screaming and Jones was having very little luck calming her. As soon as I picked her up she was happy! Also made me feel special. Then throughout the night ToughNut was coughing and choking and waking up. After all this we had to get up before the sun (like hours before the sun) because relative wanted to pick them up before buses came and get them ready at her house! It was rough come Monday. I have gotten sick and am exhausted. Turns out ToughNut has croup. :/ praying for her. And meanwhile my wonderful sister in law has taken my three for the night so I can rest. Praise God for her servant heart!


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