Solo weekend!

This weekend was the first transition week with all six kids and no Jones (he had to work 12 shifts both days). It was exhausting but went well.

What do you do in this situation when one of the children begins to call you mommy?! I was torn, do I tell this sweet child I’m not your mommy call me -? Do you let them knowing that it is going to hurt relative? It isn’t like Rough Nut and Tough Nut are living with us even. At this point it is all up in the air how this stuff is going to go so I don’t feel eager to encourage being recognized as mommy but I also don’t want to tell a child in my care who could become my forever daughter not to call me mommy? She’s two. I didn’t do anything. Treated it like it was normal, because it is. I. This house I AM mommy. I don’t know that anyone reads this blog but if you do happen upon it and have a thought please share!


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