One Month and Looking for milestones!

One month! We have had Little Hiccup for one day shy on one month but she was a month old yesterday. We have developed a nice schedule over these past few weeks. She has gained a couple pounds grown an inch or so. We put away the newborn clothes this week. So proud of our little girl.

With time passing our love and attachment grow. As our love grows so does our realization that we don’t know how much time we have with this precious child. It is harder every day to think about saying goodbye to her. It is easier every day to see a wonderful future with her. But this is the way it has to be, not knowing and loving anyhow. Not knowing and loving even more so because that is what is best for her. It is worth the heart break that we fear will come.

Enough of that though. I can’t wait to enjoy this next month and all the wonderful milestones to come! She has already begun to smile just a little. The giggle and the cooing noises. We’ve already seen a few even in the first month. The umbilical cord falling off and then healing. The gaining back up and past her birth weight within two days of being in our care. Growing out of those tiny NB clothes!!! Keeping eye contact while feeding. Heck for her even crying to be fed was a milestone. We are happy and blessed. Yay!


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