From last year to now

It’s hard to remember where we were last year, so so much has changed.

I do remember the agony I felt when I looked back on another year of not having our next baby, not getting started on a training or home study, not knowing if the next year would hold the same stalemate as the ones before. I remember thinking it may just be a pipe dream after all, loosing just a little of my faith in what I had known God had shown me….that our family wasn’t complete. I can look back at this past year though and see so so clearly how beautifully He restored my faith!

It would take a book to try to explain all the journey. It would take a person with more talent than myself to help you see all the intricate connections that could only be explained as miracles that have lead to us being right where we are now. I won’t even try. But I can see it as clearly as a movie before my eyes and it gives me so much hope and so much trust in His plan for the year ahead. 2013 here we go.


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