Tomorrow is supposed to be court again. I am finding myself much calmer this time than I was last week. A blessing.


Look who is still with us!


I suppose I have some updating to do.

Really nothing has happened. Court was rescheduled! What!!! Oh well, I am thrilled to have another week to care for and pour my love into little Hiccup. We had two important court dates this past week and both will be at a later date.

Meanwhile Little Hiccup is growing and learning so much so fast. She has found those sweet chubby hands and can hold onto a toy even. She is talking all the time. Yesterday was our first full day without the Miracle Blanketswaddle. The night was a little more work for me but not too bad. Best investment ever, she has never wiggled out of it and she did learn to calm when laid on it because she knew what was coming. We used it only at night to help get her sleep patterns good.

I am still trying to figure out how I can keep bio parents updated on all these fun happenings. Our local office doesn’t seem to promote the triad of communication between foster parents, social worker, and bio parents. This makes it difficult. Right now I am limited to what I can tell them when we drop her off at a visit or an email that goes through two other people before it is given to the bio parents. I hope to set up a photo account at snapfish.So they can see pictures throughout the week.

Our weekend with all six of the kiddos was nice. We have had to do some very minor discipline the past two times for both Rough Nut and Tough Nut (timeout). Both Jones and I have found it heart wrenching. They are such sweet hearts and training a child to do what is right is never easy but when the child is not yours and is grown when they are first seeing you as a parent figure, well it’s just different. We do feel that their acting out a little is a sign that they are getting comfortable and that is fantastic.

We love the kids so much. Foster care can be exhausting. Not the kids so much as the system. Getting to love the kids and some times even their parents is so wonderful…. And confusing to heart.

Enough worries for today.

There really are enough things in each day to concern myself about without borrowing tomorrow’s trouble. I seem to be having a hard time with this concept. My brain is telling me that I have to be prepared for every possible outcome from court this week or else I will suffer deeper pain and heart break. My saviour is telling me :
Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

It was hard to take her to her visit today knowing today may be our last day together.

Waiting for court

In less than a week a judge will make a decision about little Hiccup. In a little over a week a judge will make a decision about Rough Nut and Tough Nut. I find myself trying to prepare for all the many possible out comes. Trying to not be blown away but sudden unexpected changes for our family. It is kind of futile. I cannot know what will happen a moment before it does. Come February we could have a full house 24/7. Come February we could have three empty beds and three empty seats at the table. We could end up with no change at all, only more delays. It seems crazy that a judge can change our whole life in just one instant. Really though, I know the only judge that matters is the one judge that can see the whole story, who knows all the tiny details and how it will all turn out. I am learning as always to put my trust in Him. I am learning to cherish what he has put before me this very day, that He has not called to worry about tomorrow or next court date. Waiting is hard. Praying eases the load.


Full Car

We will have the full house again here soon, a couple of hours actually. Six kiddos and two grow ups make travel difficult. We have had to take two vehicles everywhere we needed to go as a whole family. So, today we will load the crew up and trade in our seven seater for an eight seater!

We have gone back an forth on if we should wait till an actual placement or not. Finally we decided the even if these children don’t end up apart of our family for much longer we want to be prepared for what God has planned for us next.

We also found out this week, after waiting six months, that Jones will be getting first shift very soon!!! This is such great timing too, of course. I will have to adjust back to a normal routine. No problem.

So our weekend plans include a house cleaning party, a quick trip to trade out vehicles, lots of play and possibly a movie night. Sounds good to me.

A good meeting, I think?

It seems like the meeting went fairly well. Almost everyone was there, the bio dad opted out. We did get some answers. Most of our questions were asked my bio mom which was kind of awesome. We know the next court dates now and what those are to determine. We know how we can get updates and pictures to the bio parents now. We have a clearer idea of how well bio mom is doing but not really. We were prepared for the idea that little Hiccup may not be with us past this month. I can’t imagine that will be the case so soon, but we are preparing our hearts for the break. We also found out there will be court for Rough Nut and Tough Nut soon and that will either bring an end to our part in the puzzle or will be the beginning of our being officially placed with them.

I am very glad to have this heads up on some big changes for our family. I am also sad in a way I wouldn’t have been had I been left in the dark. That’s ok. I would rather be prepared.