Big Meeting

Tomorrow is a meeting that I am pretty sure should have happened two months ago when we were first placed with little Hiccup. It will include the agency we are working with, DCBS case worker and boss, me and Jones and both bio parents.

Here is our list of questions:

Will we be allowed to email Bio parents pics and milestone updates. If not why not and will that change?

Will bio parents be allowed to dr. Appointments? If not why?

Have all relative placement possibilities been researched and will we be given any heads up if a relative is found who may be able to take little Hiccup?

What is the detailed timeline of reunification? Not just dates but what can we expect between those dates such as hearings, change of visitation etc.

We want to be updated every time there is a change in the case that affects cam/our family, such as visitations.

Are we allowed to know what happens in court? If so we want to be informed up to this point. If not why?

Who knows if we will get any real answers but at least we will have tried.

I hope to add a link in my next post of the foster parents bill of rights.


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