A good meeting, I think?

It seems like the meeting went fairly well. Almost everyone was there, the bio dad opted out. We did get some answers. Most of our questions were asked my bio mom which was kind of awesome. We know the next court dates now and what those are to determine. We know how we can get updates and pictures to the bio parents now. We have a clearer idea of how well bio mom is doing but not really. We were prepared for the idea that little Hiccup may not be with us past this month. I can’t imagine that will be the case so soon, but we are preparing our hearts for the break. We also found out there will be court for Rough Nut and Tough Nut soon and that will either bring an end to our part in the puzzle or will be the beginning of our being officially placed with them.

I am very glad to have this heads up on some big changes for our family. I am also sad in a way I wouldn’t have been had I been left in the dark. That’s ok. I would rather be prepared.


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