There are others!

The past couple of day people have been popping up out of the wood work who are traveling down the foster/ adopt road. A few right here on my dinky little blog. What?!? It is exciting to know there are others and amazing that anyone who take a moment to read my thoughts and to leave a comment. Blessed by both.

I will also say that having this outlet and a local group of fellow foster parents is a huge encouragement. If you can find a local group of like minded foster parents….do it and share the journey, they are the ones who can understand and share in your joy and pain.


One thought on “There are others!

  1. I actually came across your blog while looking through WordPress blogs tagged with “foster-adoption” when we first started considering it. I was (and still am) an infertility blog and I’ve found a lot of people doing foster-adoption after ending treatments. It’s amazing and inspiring to see all those who come out of the woodwork after you decide to go this path!

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