Surprise weekend of 6

I haven’t been blogging quite as often. I have felt like I needed to try to absorb as much as I can while we are still mommy and daddy to little Hiccup. She is growing so fast now and doing so much. Rolling and giggles, talking and playing with her toys, having her own sweet preferences about how she is fed and how she sleeps. I love watching as her little personality emerges.

Our surprise weekend of six is in full swing! Got a call two nights ago from relative asking if we could keep the kids for a long weekend. A sudden family emergency gave them need for so help and we are thrilled to able to. I spent my day driving here and there for visits and picking everyone up from school. Then we had a fun afternoon together.

It has been so easy to have them this time. All the pressure is off and most of the rules that are sometimes unnatural when you are a foster family don’t apply now that they are out of the system and we are just friends/family. It has given me such pure delight to just enjoy and love these sweet hearts. It also still causes my heart to ache seeing how easily we all fit together as a family. I try not to linger on that thought though and just praise God he is allowing us to play even a small role in their lives.

The only other thing that is going on is that we have court in a little less than two weeks. We have been told two different expected out comes now and so I find myself in that same familiar feeling of being in the dark. The judge has all the power and who knows what he will decide. We may be spending our last precious moments with our little Hiccup….or not.



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