Goodbye little Hiccup

Dropping you off today was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Your mother didn’t even let me get in the door. I was able to snuggle a kiss before we got inside. I saw your great aunt sitting as always in her recliner, sick again. I wasn’t able to keep eye contact with them, not today. Didn’t really hear their thank you and fake concern. Couldn’t respond to your mothers multiple hugs. I think I saw a tear rolling down your mother’s face, maybe it wasn’t so fake. I started crying before I could get everything done. Had to empty your bag and give them your schedule, the one I know by heart and they will most likely not follow. I could see on your face you were not happy, but I know you will be. I think that hurts too, knowing I will be nothing to you. They kept trying to talk. I couldn’t be polite. I folded the unwanted check from your aunt and laid it next to her, turned and bolted. I could hear her calling my name but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t even get a real good last look at you… Your not mine any more. Next time I see you I won’t be looking at my daughter but at hers. I will love you forever little Hiccup, forever.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye little Hiccup

  1. Prayers to you through this time that no one can truly comprehend. Letting them go is heart wrenching, and all you can do is follow them in life through prayer. I hope some peace is able to find and comfort you.

  2. This is truly heartbreaking. Even though you were only in her life a short time, you made such a difference. Thinking of you and your family as you grieve.

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