Foster Care in Ky

Does anyone out there know about foster care in Kentucky? Every state is different it seems. I find myself jealous of other states but maybe I just need better connections for my own state. I love the support from an Agency but it seems in Ky the only agency’s that provide foster care services are for Therapeutic Foster Care. That is presently what we are doing but we aren’t sure this is a good match for our family right now. We need/want to foster 0-2yr olds but that is highly unlikely since most kids in Threaputic Foster Care are older and have more serious needs. Our first placement was I total miracle. If we don’t get a call in the next month or so we will be switching to state with no agency.


One thought on “Foster Care in Ky

  1. I’ve been a foster mom for the state of KY for 2 1/2 years now, and all I’ve had is infants. They promised and promised that babies wouldn’t come into care when we trained, and our home was approved for children 0-5 years. We’ve had three calls, the first was siblings 1 month and 10 months, the second call was an 18 month old, the third was a 3 month old with a sibling on the way. Possibly since we were interested in taking sibling sets of infants, we got the calls somewhat quickly. My worker said that since she knew we were okay “sending some kids back into care so we could find the one we get to keep forever” (my theory), she never hesitated to call us at the top of the list, because we didn’t have to hem and think about it.

    We live in a BIG county for care. The kids’ cases last longer, because of the load of cases. My current child lives in a smaller neighboring county. Im self employed, so if they can work with my schedule, its not a terrible ordeal to drive 20 minutes to visitation on the weeks they call to come. Since it’s a smaller county, the case is moving somewhat quickly, I usually feel kept up to date on the case. The smaller county has definitely made me feel more comfortable with fostering.

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