Parents have to pay for their own drug tests? If they can’t pay they just don’t get the test and that counts against them in court ? Just another piece of the system I didn’t know/understand.



First update is, STILL NO CALL!

The next update is that waiting for the call just got a tiny bit easier. I have hurt my leg and cannot walk across the floor without pain. It would be very difficult to be taking care of a small child right now. I am unsure at this point how long of a recovery I will have but I don’t think it going to be a fast one.

My toy control project is well on its way. There are no toys in their rooms at this point. They only play downstairs for the time being. We are waiting for some shelves to store the toy totes on and then we will officially open our library of toys. I am happy to be done with toy ” rats nests” in my children’s bedrooms. I will post pictures and how it works for us later.

The last update is that during my waiting I have been able to complete 9 of my training hours! Woohoo.

Googling toy control

I just had a another episode of “how did your room get this junked up and it only Wednesday?” With my two daughters. They are supposed to think about ways we can make play time and clean up more successful while they fall asleep 😉 I am eager to hear their remedies over breakfast but I think I need to come up with a couple of back up plans just in case.

Babysitting foster momma

I had a last minute call to watch Hiccup last night! She really doesn’t like to be away from her momma. I don’t know if it is normal attachment or maybe a bit more intense since she was so abruptly abandoned by her “momma” (me, foster mom, against my wishes). I have mixed feelings while I keep her because I know it would be best for her to spend all her time with her momma.

We had a great time. I was able to calm her by swinging with her. She enjoyed a walk. She ate and then slept in my arms. Before she left Thing 1 and I had her smiling.

Still no call.



Fun & Drama


We had a great party. Cupcakes were delicious and a hit. Got to visit with lots of family and friends. Rough Nut and Tough Nut came! No Hiccup. :/ My niece was in good form for the whole party, digging in dirt and running around with all her cousins, not throwing any fits. Love her so much.

The drama was mostly unrelated to the party. I don’t feel the need to rehash the whole situation on this blog ( or anywhere) but the heart of it is that certain Members of our extended family have hateful, unloving feelings about my family and generally disapprove of our entire life. It isn’t rational, it isn’t pretty, I love them dearly so it hurts. But that’s ok, Jones and I have been learning over the years that our life decisions aren’t or shouldn’t be based on others but rather on what we are feeling led to do or not do by our Father/savior. I am hurting for our family right now but even more so for the members who are I flicking this pain on us. They must live in misery everyday, in darkness. It’s sad. And if somehow it is more fitting to this blog to relate this to our foster care/ adoption journey…they disapprove of us havering anymore children period. They feel we have no business adding to our family?!? Whatever.

Party & cupcakes

In the years before our fostering beginnings I had a pretty busy business of cakes. I have put that joy down for now since I don’t know from day to day what my life will look like. However, when someone in the family or our close friends ask for cake… I deliver. That’s what is happening today. My sweet niece is turning two! Birthday cupcakes here I come.