Counting Calories

I lost weight when we first got our weekend placements and again when Hiccup came. When the last month of drama happened and this past month of emotional upheaval sunk in I gained weight. Booooo. So now I am making every effort to stop that and move back to healthy. We’ll see.


This is my visual motivation. I get to move a stone to the. Mostly empty cup every time I drop a lb.


2 thoughts on “Counting Calories

  1. I lost five pounds by first week with foster care, and then slowly and steadily raised it all back up and then added. I’m trying to work through the weight loss thing now too, but I admit it seems impossible at times! Going through changing diet and eating healthy, I’ve lost about 8 pounds since Christmas, and going any faster than that is just not a reality for me! Kids are stress and stress is dealt better with chocolate! Good luck!

    • 8 is great! I using my fitness pal on my phone, saves time figuring. Good luck to you also! I has been interesting to realize how much stress eating I was doing.

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