Fun & Drama


We had a great party. Cupcakes were delicious and a hit. Got to visit with lots of family and friends. Rough Nut and Tough Nut came! No Hiccup. :/ My niece was in good form for the whole party, digging in dirt and running around with all her cousins, not throwing any fits. Love her so much.

The drama was mostly unrelated to the party. I don’t feel the need to rehash the whole situation on this blog ( or anywhere) but the heart of it is that certain Members of our extended family have hateful, unloving feelings about my family and generally disapprove of our entire life. It isn’t rational, it isn’t pretty, I love them dearly so it hurts. But that’s ok, Jones and I have been learning over the years that our life decisions aren’t or shouldn’t be based on others but rather on what we are feeling led to do or not do by our Father/savior. I am hurting for our family right now but even more so for the members who are I flicking this pain on us. They must live in misery everyday, in darkness. It’s sad. And if somehow it is more fitting to this blog to relate this to our foster care/ adoption journey…they disapprove of us havering anymore children period. They feel we have no business adding to our family?!? Whatever.


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