First update is, STILL NO CALL!

The next update is that waiting for the call just got a tiny bit easier. I have hurt my leg and cannot walk across the floor without pain. It would be very difficult to be taking care of a small child right now. I am unsure at this point how long of a recovery I will have but I don’t think it going to be a fast one.

My toy control project is well on its way. There are no toys in their rooms at this point. They only play downstairs for the time being. We are waiting for some shelves to store the toy totes on and then we will officially open our library of toys. I am happy to be done with toy ” rats nests” in my children’s bedrooms. I will post pictures and how it works for us later.

The last update is that during my waiting I have been able to complete 9 of my training hours! Woohoo.


One thought on “Updates

  1. I tried distraction waiting for calls…took my heeled to obedience class. They pointed out he was very well trained. I pointed out I paid in cash, and we wanted the social outing. Trainer had nothing to say after that. We behaved, and enjoyed!

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