Flood of fear

I have always struggled with fear and anxiety. My daughter, Thing 2, is very young and has been diagnosed with pretty serious anxiety. We’ve been helping her with that for two years now. She is only eight! Never had anything even remotely traumatic in her life and neither have I yet we are plagued with this anxiety everyday over little things.

The little adds up though. I woke up this morning and about five or so little anxieties flooded my thoughts all at once. It that same feeling as when you were in college (for me anyhow) and you know you have three papers, a major test and a speech to prepare for and only two more days to do it. You have to either dive in or give up. I hate that feeling. This morning it brought me to tears. My little anxieties are often out of my control so the only way I can dive in is to deal with the things in my life I can control. The dishes, dirty windows, laundry, mopping, paper work… Whatever I can grab and do has to be done and then I can breath. That’s what I am doing this rainy, sad Saturday.



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