I keep in contact with some other local foster parents in my community and there has been some discussion about TPR (termination of parental rights). I know very little about it since we haven’t gotten too close to that ourselves. It seems around here it is a very LONG process. Like four plus years from placement to adoption. Wow. Seems like it averages two years of reunification effort then two years of TPR/ waiting on courts/ giving bios very possible opportunity to postpone it.


3 thoughts on “TPR

  1. From what I’ve heard, it’s not that long of a process around here. Around 2 years seems the longest any of my foster-to-adopt friends have had to wait for an adoption to be finalized. I also think it depends on the circumstances though. If it’s involuntary TPR it can take a while but if it’s voluntary TPR it can happen pretty fast.

  2. In the state system, a larger county can easily take four years. My gal was from a smaller community, with bios that didn’t ever do anything on their list, so we got TPR after 17 months. However, dude is still going on…

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