Change is always in the air

Jones and I have been becoming more and more okay with our current situation with bio family and Hiccup, Rough Nut & Tough Nut. We have repeatedly offered our selves, our time, our support to them in hopes of staying in the kids lives forever as family friends. It’s been going really well. It’s been hard at times to watch things unfold, to trust that somehow this is going to work out. I think we are starting to see that this is ever bit as important as actually having foster kids in our home. This long two months of free time and no baby in my arms (lots of love and cuddles with Things 12&3!) has been frustrating and wonderful.

Recently we have had several babysitting gigs with the three siblings. Conversations have come up from Relative about what the future for these kids will be. We are totally committed to these children, totally in love with them and have told their family as much. We are always open to them in whatever way that may come to be.



One thought on “Change is always in the air

  1. The connections between bios and foster families are such tender things…you appreciate the connections, worry about their futures, and fear the loss of connection at some point. I try to think I’m always strong enough for the gamble, but there are always days I feel the need to distance my heart. I’m glad you’re still able to enjoy the connection!

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