Second Fail

The first respite call was weeks ago and we weren’t sure about it. Probably would have done it but there was never a follow up. This one got a few steps further and we were excited about it. We got the call from our worker to see if we were willing. Check. Then we got the call from the Forster parent to discuss details. Check. We got everything in order, our house is pretty much always ready anyhow. Check. Drove 25 miles to pick up. Check. Met the little guy and his foster momma. Check. Watched as he climbed up her to keep from getting in my van, cried, begged, was sang to and promised everything from food, toys and even new shoes. She just couldn’t do it. She felt bad for my trouble and bad for her family that was feeling the need for a break and bad for her little guy. She decided not do it. I am glad. I don’t like respite. I think people should create a community of people for their foster children just like we do for the ones from our womb. I would never have a total stranger keep any of my children. I have seen respite done well between foster families who hang out and know the children. Sometimes I guess this just isn’t possible, so I am willing to help a family who doesn’t have that. Whatever, whatever. I’m just trying to say I have seen first hand the trauma that respite with a total stranger can cause in a child who already has legit abandonment issues. So I am a little let down that we aren’t having a blast with the little guy but so glad he has formed an attachment to his foster mom and that she didn’t ignore his cries.


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