I am laying here tonight helping ToughNut go to sleep. I have my phone. Why? Because last night I nearly lost my mind after two hours of waiting for her to fall asleep. I have no intention of staring at a blank wall tonight. This bedtime routine is rough for everyone involved. Mainly me and ToughNut. She is used to her relative sleeping with her and her brother. I do not sleep with her. Partly because when we were fostering them we had rules to follow. Partly because I need my own space at night. I do however stay with her till she falls asleep and if she wakes up crying I bring her to my room where she sleeps next to my bed but not in it. It works but it isn’t always easy. Tonight I am prepared for the long drawn out process of helping someone else go to sleep. Between ToughNut and Hiccup I am up every couple of hours through the night. It’s work but I love it.


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